The richness and diversity of our natural environment is our shared heritage.  The soils, water, plants, and animals - collectively the land - have been the raw materials from which this country was built.  Like the winds and sunsets, these things were taken for granted until progress began to destroy them.

Now we face the question of whether progress, with its accompanying price in environmental destruction, pollution, noise and crowding is worth its cost in things natural, wild and free.

The Killingworth Land Conservation Trust is an effective way for our town to preserve our natural assets which might otherwise disappear.  As a private, non profit service organization set up to operate on a local basis, we can operate in areas where it might be impractical for the town to act.  For example, we can acquire pockets of open space of great value to the public but too small or too numerous for the town's consideration.

Please help preserve Killingworth's special rural quality and natural history by joining the Killingworth Land Conservation Trust.

Our Land Trust has recently protected 57 more acres!

We purchased the Welter property on the west side of middle 
Roast Meat Hill Road. It is an important piece that not only connects the Parmelee Farm to the wonderful Platt Nature Center; but also allows us to open up new trails along its streams and ledges.

 Click HERE for a map showing the location.
Contact us a PO Box 825, Killingworth CT 06419 (860)663-1649
Why We Cut Trees and Have Controlled Burns in CT State Forests
KLCT Fall Meeting at the Firehouse.
November 17, 2016, 7PM
New trail map added to site! Miles of trails at Parmelee Farm, Welter Woods, PNC, and First Congregational Church/Madison. Click on the link to the right for the PDF. More trails here.