Killingworth Land Conservation Trust Stewardship Program

If you have land abutting Land Trust property, we would appreciate your assistance in assuring that the protected Land Trust land near you STAYS protected.

Our Land Trust owns over fifty seperate parcels of land in Killingworth, and as the number of parcels and acres owned by the Trust increases, it has become more difficult for the Board of Directors to keep a watchful eye on each parcel.  There have been two situations where large construction projects encroached on Land Trust property which could easily have been prevented if a concerned neighbor had contacted us when the large machinery first rolled off the truck.  

Stewards are persons who assist the Land Trust in monitoring the condition of the land owned by the Trust.  They are not responsible for the land, but are expected to notify the Board of Directors when they become aware of any change in the condition of the land. 

They may volunteer to work with the Land Trust to maintain boundaries, trails, etc., and will be included in discussions regarding use of the land for which they are responsible. 

Stewards would assume no liability by agreeing to be a Steward, but would hopefully become our "eyes and ears" and contact us with any concerns.   
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If you would like to volunteer to be a Steward, or would like more information, please contact us.